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John Starr (Chiropractor)

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T: (03) 9386 6080

John has been servicing as a Chiropractor in Brunswick and Coburg area for over 10 years with a thorough consultation to determine the cause or underlying reason for any given complaint.  (A diagnosis).  No treatment is offered until we understand the nature of your problem and we offer the treatment specific to you if it is appropriate.

If further testing is required we can refer you for x-rays or MRI.  In most case this is not necessary and treatment can be provided on the day.

We routinely treat muscular and joint injuries including ankle sprains, patella tracking, hamstring strains, hip dysfunction, rotator cuff problems of the shoulder tennis elbow and carpal tunnel of the wrist, jaw and head pain (headaches)  as well as spinal complaints .


We use a range of gentle techniques including ultra-sound, myofascial release, drop piece, blocking, activator for sensitive tissue as well as manual adjustment therapy and Flexion-Distraction (traction).

Treatment is tailored to you.  Acute pain and injury or more from a Rehabilitation approach.  For example, a disc bulge is often treated in the acute stages with Flexion-Distraction table which is a type of very gentle traction.  It helps to take pressure off the irritated disc and increase circulation to the area.  This is an effective treatment for early stage disc degeneration.   In the long term a  rehabilitation and movement training  to help improve stabilisation stresses created by your movement patterns.  We provide options.

Our team realize the importance of stabilization and rehabilitation to obtain stability and long lasting results and having pilates instructors in house can be of benefit for many people.

John is also available in Bendigo on a limited basis at Creek St Chiropractic.