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Alexander Technique

Anne Mallen

Anne trained to teach the Alexander Technique at the School for FM Alexander Studies in Melbourne, graduating in 2010. It is a three-year, full-time course.
She has practices in both Melbourne (Coburg and Northcote) and Daylesford.
Anne was for many years a sub-editor on a newspaper, but now dedicates herself to teaching the Alexander Technique full-time.
She especially enjoys working with people who have major postural and chronic pain challenges, because she faced these same issues herself before discovering the Technique.

Jim Crosthwaite

Jim came to the Alexander Technique in the 1990s because of persistent hip and lower back problems. He finds that Alexander Technique helps people enormously in pain management and reduction of symptoms.
As well as teaching individuals, Jim has run many workshops for government, small companies and community groups since 2011. He has written extensively on improving posture and movement in many e-newsletters and blog posts.

Alexander Technique

The Technique is a way of learning about how to be comfortable in your own body. An Alexander teacher helps you to discover how your habits affect your life, and guides you towards better movement and posture.
By changing how you move as you go about your daily activities, we can help you to resolve long-term pain, voice problems, ergonomic problems, and postural problems.
We can also help you to achieve better self-awareness, performance and patterns of movement in physical activities. If you practice yoga, play an instrument, sing, dance, act or play a sport,we can help you to perform better by evaluating and improving your habitual movements.

Anne teaches the Alexander Technique both in individual sessions and in group classes.