Alexander Technique

Education for body & mind.

Learn how to change habitual patterns that are limiting your life choices. 

Alexander Technique tools, when put into practice will bring you benefits of self-calming, rejuvenated energy, relief from tension & pain, and deepened breathing. These qualities will enhance most life activities.

Cathy Dowden is passionate about teaching the Alexander Technique because she has personally experienced its transformative power in her own life.

Cathy Dowden

Adv. Dip AlexTechTeach, BA, BSW

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What is Alexander Technique?

The Alexander Technique is an educational whole person approach. It focuses on coordination, balance and overall well-being by bringing awareness to your body mechanics and how they interact with gravity. You will learn tools to rest and reset your body & mind, and how to apply Alexander thinking in-the-moment to any activity. 
Named for the 120 year old work begun by FM Alexander, the Technique is strongly relevant for our overly busy lives today.

Practitioners of Alexander Technique learn to identify and release unnecessary tension in their muscles, allowing for more efficient movement and better alignment. Through gentle guidance and hands-on instruction, individuals can learn to move with greater ease, reduce strain and stress on the body, and prevent or alleviate conditions such as back pain, neck tension, and repetitive strain injuries.
Sessions are tailored to your interests and needs, providing you opportunities to discover how to overcome limitations and expand your life’s possibilities.

Overall, the Alexander Technique offers a practical approach to enhancing body awareness, promoting relaxation, and fostering optimal movement patterns for everyday activities.

Cathy’s Alexander teaching incorporates her life experience and Social Worker background. Her teaching always encourages self-compassion, and has a practical focus. You will learn how your thinking and emotions are interwoven with movement, tensions and holding patterns, and how changing any one of these has a ripple effect throughout your whole system.


“After 4 sessions Alexander Technique has given me a practical insight into how to use my body, its physical structure and the part that plays in being able to undertake just about everything.

That first session was a defining experience, and subsequent sessions with Cathy have enabled me to reflect, embrace and relax with my body as I build on its core.

Cathy’s teaching skills have guided me in improving my physical fitness exercises, my work in the garden, my preparation in the kitchen, and I have to admit, even driving the car.

Our sessions have been productive, focused and practical, based on Cathy’s professional and smart teaching methods. Cathy listens, guides, reflects, demonstrates and importantly, encourages me to build a better understanding and commitment to myself.”

About the teacher

Cathy Dowden (she/her) is a qualified Alexander Technique teacher. Expanding on her 35 years as a Social Worker in rehabilitation and education, she graduated from the School for FM Alexander Studies’ 3-year full time Alexander teacher training course in 2018. Since then, Cathy has had a private Alexander Technique practice, teaching locally in Coburg. Venues have included neighbourhood houses, a home studio near the Merri Creek and in the lockdown times, outdoors under a garden gazebo. Cathy now teaches mainly at Moreland Health Group.

Cathy delivers Alexander Technique workshops focusing on pain, stress & calm and introductions to Alexander Technique. She offers weekly groups exploring how to apply Alexander Technique to daily life and to various activities such as playing musical instruments. 

Cathy has experience working with musicians, people with chronic conditions and women like herself, slowly becoming aware that ageing well and healthily will not happen by itself! 

Cathy Dowden is registered with the Australian Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique (AUSTAT) and with the Australian Association of Social Workers (AASW).

What and who it can help

Applying these Alexander Technique tools can help practically everything – stress, chronic pain, improved form in running & gym, long covid & fatigue issues, music & theatre performance, better balance to prevent falls.

It’s a superpower Cathy teaches to kids.

It’s how to age well for older adults.

It’s the ultimate life-hack for all ages. 

Learn DIY resources to:

  • enhance performance and posture
  • deepen mind & body wellbeing
  • ease pain and stress
  • self-regulate and stay present
  • move with lightness and freedom