Chiropractor Coburg

With over 10 years of experience, John Starr is our dedicated Chiropractor serving Brunswick and Coburg.

He prioritises in-depth consultations to diagnose the root cause of complaints before offering personalised treatments for various muscular and joint injuries, ensuring effective and tailored care for each individual.

John Starr


Chiropractic Expertise in Brunswick and Coburg

John, with over 10 years of experience, serves as a dedicated Chiropractor in the Brunswick and Coburg area.

Thorough consultations are conducted to determine the cause of complaints before any treatment is considered, ensuring a personalised approach tailored to individual needs.

Comprehensive Treatment Approach

If further testing is necessary, we can refer you for x-rays or MRI; however, in most cases, treatment can be provided on the day.

We routinely address a variety of muscular and joint injuries, employing gentle techniques such as ultra-sound, myofascial release, drop piece, blocking, activator, manual adjustment therapy, and Flexion-Distraction (traction).

Tailored Treatment Plans

Treatment is tailored to each individual, addressing acute pain and injuries or taking a rehabilitation approach.

For instance, disc bulges are often treated in the acute stages with Flexion-Distraction, providing gentle traction to alleviate pressure on the irritated disc.

Long-term solutions involve rehabilitation and movement training to improve stabilisation stresses created by movement patterns, offering a range of options.

Stabilisation and Rehabilitation Focus

Our team recognises the importance of stabilisation and rehabilitation for obtaining lasting results.

Availability in Bendigo

John is also available on a limited basis in Bendigo at Creek St Chiropractic.